Saturday, January 2

Little things

When it comes to things I own I keep a pretty good mental list of where they are/belong and so when I loose something it can be kind of disturbing, especially when I feel like I've done something slightly stupid. I bring this up because I recently did something that I normally don't do. I misplaced a bunch (at least 5, maybe 6 or 7) video games. The thing that makes me feel even worse is that this was almost my entire collection and I had just spent my Christmas money to upgrade my little portable video game player (The Nintendo DS lite) to the newer "cooler" version. (The Nintendo DSi) Of course misplacing these games would normally be pretty easy as the games are little bigger than my thumb, however I just feel really lame for loosing them. (I typically use the DS to keep myself occupied when in the hospital, as often I am not very fond of TV.)

It feels petty to me to be complaining about something like this, but I wanted to highlight one of the the side effects of chemo: Drugs cause you to do things you wouldn't normally do. In my case, put/leave something somewhere without putting it away in it's proper place. Plus I forget and don't remember doing it. And I have to live with the results. It's still ME with all those drugs, I can't blame or undo anything I don't like. (That goes for ALL drugs kids, I'm not going to say "good" and bad drugs, because while drugs are used for good effect they can easily have a negative effect if overused, or used in the wrong way.) The moral of the story: Avoid the use of drugs, in any form, and think more clearly... I think.

Something else I have been thinking about this year is using my Twitter/Facebook status to greater effect. Yes I will continue to update on cancer stuff, but I have almost 500 friends on Facebook (if you're not one of them feel free to join the group!) and I would like to post things that illicit more conversation than the average update. I don't know HOW many people see my updates (on Facebook and this bllog) but it seems to me that with 500 friends and website stats greater than the company I work for's website, that I should be saying things that make people feel like they should comment. What do you think? (oooo, see what I did there?)

I just wanted to weigh in on several topics that have been on my mind, take what you will from my DS drug induced misplacement.



  1. Rejoice that you can blame drugs on forgetting things!!! Most women my age have to blame it on age and hormones. Somehow, chemo seems like a more "valid" thing blame (mostly because we all hate it so much anyway!).

    Hope you find your games soon. Being that your place isn't all that big, they should turn up before long.

    Praying for you as you start the next round.


  2. It is a good excuse... however I don't really like being forgetful.

    Odds are good I left the games either in the hospital (nothing in lost and found) or in Houston. We've scoured the house and found nothing. (Bags, coats, car, etc) At this point I figure they are gone.



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