Thursday, January 28

The "hehe" is out of the bag!

A quick little note here: I orchestrated the purchase of a 1970's Knight upright Piano for Lisa. With help from some more musically inclined friends I was able to keep the whole thing quiet until Lisa came home from work a little early and say it sitting there. Of well, a surprise none-the less.

You can see a few pictures we took of it on Facebook. (It's a public album so even if you don't have an FB account you should be able to see it)

I left like this was really a way I could tell Lisa thanks for everything she has done over my battle with cancer, and for the many other things that will come from that as well.

Thanks team for the continued support!



  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Love the piano - and Lisa looks happy too! What a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Hope that your body can recover quickly from the infusion this time - we're praying every day and following your progress.

    Aunt Rolane

  2. I bet Lisa's lovely playing will aid in your recovery. I'm sure it will be a wonderful outlet for her, too. Ya done good, Kiddo!!!


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