Wednesday, January 6

Chemo extended

I have some great nurses. They ordered one of my chemo's on Sunday from the company that handles them in TN. I got one on Monday, but the rest of the order, which was to show up no Tuesday by 11:30 had neverred showed up. And it was after 1. So they have to push me back another day to Saturday morning.

Thanks Team for all the support and prayers. Still in pain this morning, but it's about 2 points less than it was yesterday. (From a 7 to a 5)

It's hard to type. It's about 50% editing and 50% remembering where my fingers go on the keys. Bear with me if something doesn't make sense or is spelling horribly wrong.

Some prayer requests: Sleep. I slept from 10ish to 4ish today. However at 4 is when the chest and leg pains kicked it. I could also use some prayer for pain management. I really don't like taking narcotics at home because un-IV narcotics feel good for about 2 hours and then make me feel horrible for another 6 hours. For some reason the IV stuff works. I either have side effects RIGHT THEN, or not at all. And Adavan takes care of the "instant" stuff.

God know what He is doing though, there is very little I can control.



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