Tuesday, January 19

Actually doing something

It's funny, once every couple of weeks following chemo I'll have enough energy to get back to doing actual work. Like today I've been working most of the day. It's really fun to be able to get back to working.

It's been overcast the past few days and I keep hoping it'll rain. It's hasn't and I don't think it will.

Thursday is the doctor's appointment. I have my appointment for Monday of next week. My in-laws will be here from Wednesday to Wednesday and then my good friend Ryan will be in town right before we hit Houston.

Anyway, been head-aching most of the day, mostly just the little kind where you move your eyes more than normal.

On the upside I am feeling hungrier though. Eating at least 3 maybe 4 meals a day. Thanks for the prayers and support, especially as we ramp up here for another round.



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