Friday, December 25

A year ago

A year ago we had tried to get to Seattle and were sent back to Denver due to snow. Friends invited us to join them for Christmas celebrations. Hard to imagine we've been here over a year now.

We've had more visitors in the past few months than we had at the start of the year, which is understandable.

Lisa and Mom are making pasta now with my new pasta maker. I am chill'n because I took a shower and that took most of the energy I had. I have however eaten more today than I have in the past couple of weeks.

Sorry for my scatter-brainedness. Mom and Dad head back to Seattle tomorrow. Beth sticks around for another few days. Maybe I'll be feeling well enough that we can do some stuff before she leaves.

Doctor's appointment next Thursday, chemo to start again the following Monday? We shall see.

Thanks. Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks team for the support!



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