Sunday, December 6


I happen to love a couple movies that either never did well in the theater or people in general don't like. One case of this is Lady in the Water. I love this movie. In fact I have two copies of this movie. I have a "loaner" copy (standard DVD) and I have a "Ben's Copy" (HD DVD). Another movie like this is Prince Caspian. I watched this movie again the other day (over the course of 10 hours) and I enjoyed every minute of it. (Unlike some movies (Return of the Jedi comes to mind) where I might enjoy the movie as a whole but not like certain parts of it.)

I however also think the Chronicles of Narnia are simply amazing. Both in their allegory filled story, and for their fantasy content. C.S. Lewis did a great job with them and honestly they are what I aspire to when I think about writing.

Aslan tells Lucy something (twice in fact) during the course of the movie (and I think it's in the book) he tells her (when she asks why he didn't act like he did the last time they were in Narnia) "Things never happen the same way twice..." This really spoke to me because, as many of you know, I am on my second battle with cancer. I have been comparing this go round with the last time and as I was reminded, "Things never happen the same way twice."

As we head down to Houston tomorrow afternoon (which is different from last time) I would ask for prayer for the flight (I hate flying), prayer for the scans, and prayer for our meeting with the doctor... which will all be different from last time.

Thanks everyone for the support and prayers. Here we go again.



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