Thursday, December 10

The lights don't shine as brightly

I have a bit of news. After seeing my pet scan results the doctor informed me that the "glow" my tumors had before has been seriously diminished. And no new tumors. That day I spent getting extra scans and I was informed I had an extra tumor/ undocumented tumor. Yeah, not there. The doc is talking another 9 to 10 months of treatments of chemo, followed by using radiation (possibly something like a gamma knife). He says the tumors are in places that just can't be gotten to very safely at all when it comes to surgery.

That is what the doc said. Sounds like chemo fires up on Monday, we'll be posting details of stuff we need help with on our care calendar.

My thoughts on the drugs I was prescribed for anti-anxiety later, when I don't have to make an airport shuttle.

We should be getting back into COS about 1:30. And then home, where I will sleep until tomorrow.


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  1. yeah for a dimminished glow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry to hear that there is more chemo in order for you. if we were closer, we would love to bring you a meal. continuing to pray for extrodinary healing.


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