Monday, December 7

Go Team

I don't know what to call all of you out there that are praying for Lisa and I. Sometimes when Lisa and I accomplish something we fist bump and I say, "Go team Morrell!" In a slightly ironic thought I considered calling you all my Flight Crew, because it's your prayers the keep me up in the air. The irony there is I don't like flying.

Speaking of flying it is still snowing here. Little micro flakes (because it is sooo cold here) but it added like an inch of snow last night just "microflaking". (Funny, spell, check doesn't like the word I just made up.) Our flight is still on schedule, however I followed the flight back to the source flight this morning and they are running behind because they are "wait for crew". So, what this means is that as a passenger you need to be there 2 hours early, but if you work there, you can roll in 40 minutes late and they will hold the plane. However they also probably are the ones flying the plane, so realistically the plane couldn't leave without them. (Guess they don't have 2nd string crew members? Pilot Bob is 30 minutes late. Pilot Andy, you're up!)

I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night. I am thinking a good combo of anti-nausea drugs and lack of sleep and I can sleep my way to Houston. Just need to not take a nap or nod off before then.

We've gotten a ride to the airport from a friend, we just hope the plane can get off the ground. Please pray for our flight (snow on this side, potential thunder storms on the other), we are most likely heading out at 2pm, but with potential flight delays we might not leave until after 5. And as always the doctors and nurses we interact with.


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  1. Praying for you guys and all that the next few days holds!


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