Tuesday, December 8

Blood sucking...

Hey Team,
A quick update before bedtime:
I attempted to get blood drawn this morning but the line was hugely long so we went and did the other things that needed doing. Get my chest xrayed (Do they really need to do that every other week? I wish my medical records were available to every doctor I saw.), and got my pet scan. Which took forever. I got to the place at 10am like I was told to. They didn't get back to me until 11am. Then they injected me, and I was supposed to wait an hour. I fell asleep in the chair waiting, so I have no idea how much time passed, and I woke up and sat there for a while before the nurse came in to get me. The scan took 25 minutes and I was done. Looked at my phone and it was 1:15pm. Ummmm, I don't think that was an hour they left me there. Anyway, I survived it well enough, just a lot of "get here at this time!" and then making me wait for an hour or more beyond that time. (This is some of the reason I really don't like coming down here.)

Then Lisa and I had lunch and I went back to get my blood drawn. And the day was over for medical stuff.

I've been trying to avoid germs around here, but I feel like I might be getting something.

Also, a bit of an update on the flight: I'm not really proud of this or anything, but I think I kind of had/ came close to having a panic attack on the airplane. I really dislike flying and I need to find a way to deal with it.

Doctor visit tomorrow. Guesses on how late he'll be? Last time was 3 hours. What will it be this time?

I really covet your prayers. Details when we have them!



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