Thursday, November 26


This thanksgiving a lot of you might be able to look at my situation and wonder at the things I have to be Thankful for. And I would agree with you that between cancer, lingering a cold, and no energy at all, that my life is kind of lame right now.

However this would be letting the darker side of my life overshadow the brighter things. Lets look at those: I have a wife who is very supportive. I have both parents and in-laws who support me in many unconditional ways. I have friends, both new and old who stop by or take the time to write. I have a job that is supportive of me while I am going through cancer. And I have a medical staff who is knowledgeable and friendly.

Please, I know many of you can look to my life and say, "I'm thankful I don't have as bad as Ben." but as you think that please take the time to remember the many, many blessings that you do have.



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