Wednesday, November 25

See the silver linning?

I finished my doubled up 2 weeks combined into 1 chemo session on Friday. The days since then have been mostly miserable, but we're working on that.

Side effects from this last round weren't as bad during chemo as they were the first time. However sleeping at night is something I have problems with. I get really tired around 7:30pm and then it's off to bed. Only to be waken up multiple times before 12, and a few times after 12. Mainly from strange dreams where I wake up paranoid, or afraid, or confused. I would say that night time is probably my most vulnerable time. I would love to go through a whole night without waking up in some strange fashion, and honestly I think that will only come from your help. Praying protection over me during the night.

No plans to visit the hospital today. Gonna stay home and attempt to get well/ better enough to hang out at the Thanksgiving celebration we have been invited to tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Oh, yes, we will be heading back to Houston the 7th through the 10th of December for a follow up appointment. We'll see what happens!



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