Tuesday, November 3

It's going to be a long week

Yesterday I went to my oncologists office and they setup hydradtion for me for the rest of the week, which should help my insides start to feel better. The downside is that I don't have a lot of energy, but I do have a lot of time. I gotta figure out some things to do with myself.

Also a big thanks for people who have been bringing meals over, they have been very helpful and making it a lot easier on us.



  1. Aubrey12:08 PM

    Ben - make sure they're keeping an eye out for an infection in your gut. I get Irinotecan too, and when my blood counts dropped really low right after a round, I got an intestinal infection. After a week of hydration for the diarrhea during which time nothing improved, the infection put me in the hospital for another week and I was on heavy antibiotics for three. Take your temperature regularly, and if your temp goes up or it starts to really hurt to press your stomach, call your doctor.

    Thinking about you and Lisa every day!!

  2. Thanks for an update. I've been praying faithfully for you guys. Yeah for time and hydration for ben. Hang in there.


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