Tuesday, November 10

Here's how it goes

They have canceled chemo for me this week. Iy seems they want me to see several other specialists. They said I shouldn't be vomiting as much as I have been, so they'd like me to see a doctor about that. And somehow they got the impression I was having tons of headaches (I don't remember having any more headaches than normal) so they want to MRI my brain again.

Other than that they want me to rest and get better, and they will see me next week.

Last night was really rough. I don't know if it was something I ate, breathed, or looked at, but it felt like I had been punched in the stomach really hard and the "heavy meds" I had didn't do anything for the pain. This morning I'm feeling better, but no where near where I would like to be.

I would appreciate it if you could pray for pain management, and also that the doctors would be able to pin down why I am still feeling so ill some of the time. And that I would recover quickly from all this.


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  1. You know, there is a virus going around here that makes one feel EXACTLY like you described. (Punched in the gut) I've been dealing with it, as have some of my co-workers. It's possible you picked up something at the hospital along the way...I hear there are germs there... : )

    Can we "just say no" to more brain MRI's????? Unless they think your eye problems are something they need to look at in regard to that.

    By the way, you come from a LOOOONNGGG line of people with very sensitive digestive tracts. That's where I get hit when I'm stressed. It's just what we do....sorry.... A naturopath would be able to help you most with your stomach, although the healing they do isn't fast--more of long-term, but very soothing.

    Oh, drinking green tea might be very helpful too--probably decaf, though. (Caffeine hypes up the digestive tract.) Good Earth has an excellent one that is decaf. and doesn't taste like green tea.

    Enjoy Adam and Sheli!


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