Sunday, November 29

Hard Day

Yesterday was a tough day for me emotionally. I was tired and it felt like a bunch of things were sad and I was thinking about the reality of my life. It was just one of those days.

However the phrase "It's always darkest just before the dawn." seems to be true here as well. The first round of chemo I went through a week or so later I had a horrible night where I felt just awful and was thinking I was going to have to go back to the hospital. But the next day I was feeling a lot better and I had kind of turned a corner. I felt a lot better after that.

I think yesterday was my "dark day". Only this time it was mainly emotional instead of physical. And this morning I feel better. This next week is a recovery week, and then we head to Houston on the 7th. Thank you for all the prayers and support. We'll see what this next week has in store.



  1. Ben, I've been meaning to write to you. Nell and I continue to lift you up in prayer. I hope that your recovery week goes well. Kyle

  2. praying for you both! i even had a dream about you guys a few days ago. who knows what it was about...i wish i could tell ya. i have such vivid dreams at times when i am pregnant. anyways, i'll be praying for strength for you both mentally and physically as you travel. HANG IN THERE!!!!!!


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