Sunday, November 8

Ginger chews

The Starbucks employee at the drive-thru asked us "So, are you doing anything fun today?" Ben semi-laughed and I said "Well... we're going to the hospital..." Fortunately at this point the Starbucks employee jumped in with a story about her son's concussion yesterday. It's amazing how tired I've gotten of repeating Ben's side effects (Ben understands - he's tired of them too). I had only ordered a drip coffee, but since it was brewing it took longer than the two lattes in line behind me. It's been more than a week post-chemo, and Ben's recovery is still very slow.

A nice story to counterbalance: one of the nurses here was at Target looking at candy. She saw some "ginger chews," thought of Ben's ongoing nausea and digestive problems, and bought him a box! They are absolutely delightful candies, by the way. And how sweet of her to care enough about Ben to think about him on her time off.

We have a doctor appointment tomorrow to discuss the next treatment cycle. Pray for wisdom and creativity in their decisions!



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