Thursday, October 1

With a scan-scan here and a scan-scan there...

Here a scan, there a scan, everywhere a scan-scan. Old MC Benny had some scans, with the radioactive contrast.

I don't think it'll catch on as a children's song, but I enjoyed singing it. It reminds me a bit of my "My First ABCs of Cancer" that I spent a ton of time on a few years ago.

Anyway, this morning Lisa and I got up early and walked to the medical center. (everyone here seems to be shocked that we walk) I had two tests done, first the heart scan (I could have sworn he said it was a "muggle" scan, and I was going to tell him that I KNEW I didn't have any magical powers, but I instead kept my mouth shut. (Harry Potter reference for those of you that don't know.)) That involved getting two radioactive shots twenty minutes apart from each other (via IV) and then waiting some more, and then spending 20 minutes on a table while they took pictures of my chest.

From there I went right to the PET scan (and to think I left the bird at home) where they got me changed and then put me in a room for 20 minutes while nothing happened. Then they came in and gave me a shot and told me not to move, cross my arms, legs or eyes, and left me there for an hour. THEN they came and got me and made me wait for another 10 to 15 minutes, and then they put me on another table and spent 20 minutes scanning me.

So for those of you following along at home: today's "cancer math" works out to be: 4 hours in the hospital, 3 radioactive dyes, 1 IV, 6 nurses, and 40 minutes on a table being scanned. (I think perhaps the "12 days of cancer" might be in this blog's future this holiday season...)

Now we wait until Tuesday to talk to the doc again to see/ hear any results.

Yesterday Lisa and I spent a wonderful day together. We slept in, and then we went to the Houston Space Center, where we got to see TONS of things I had only seen pictures of or read about. It was something I probably would have given large sums to go see as a child. (When I was far more interested in rockets and possibly actually going INTO space.) We then went to the Kemah boardwalk and walked around. Had dinner on the boardwalk and watched the Pelicans dive for fish. Then we came back to HQ here and crashed.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. We really appreciate them and feel them while we are going through this. We'll attempt to have some fun and hang out here in Houston for the next 4 and a half days.

Thanks again all!



  1. Rocket book. : )

    Good to read that you are in excellent spirits (and verbal playfulness)! Makes a mama's heart relax.

    Have fun down there and don't drink too much air.

  2. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Ben, you're blog is so good. Thank you for sharing your heart, mind, spirit and body with us.
    Marianne Savell

  3. Here a prayer, there a prayer, every where a prayer, prayer.

    How about 10 Lords of leaping?

    Hmmmm.... how is that possible, when we have 1 Lord? Or was it ladies leaping?

    Space center sounds fun! Oooooowww Wee... what's next, Mary Kay factory? LOL!

  4. Ben, love you sense of humor, which is a challenge to keep while crunching cancer numbers. So many people are following your story, some I would guess like the husband-who didn't have much time for God-would always come in from work and ask if there was any update on Lyn's progress. The wife, a Jesus follower, thanked me several times for the updates because they were like windows for her husband to peep secretly and see if God was up to anything.

  5. Wait...are we supposed to grow out of the space craze? I still want to have a two week vacation on the moon.

    So what's next? Visit Texas Instruments? Go see if you can find Robert Rodriguez in Austin? Maybe visit the Wrangler jean factory? *shudder*

  6. Re: Growing out of Space stuff:
    No, you're not supposed t grow out of it. I just quickly realized I don't like flying, and a trip on the Space Shuttle would mostly be like a bad flight times 100. And I don't like free falling, which is what they say space is like. So I'll stick to my Sci-fi and movies and be fine thanks.


  7. Karla Cowan11:54 AM

    Ben and Lisa. Just want you to know I'm praying for you guys daily. I'm glad you are having a somewhat nice time in Houston as you go through all the agonizing time of waiting on doctors, the tests, etc. Your blog, your writing and thought process is amazing. God has you and Lisa in the palm of his hands. The Is 45.3 bible verse was such a great one. It meant a lot to me and I know others it would speak to as thanks so much for sharing from your heart.


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