Saturday, October 17

Sending us dinners from Seattle?

Some friends and family in Seattle have asked if they can get us meals somehow. Well, after a suggestion from a friend and some research, I found Dream Dinners. Like "Dinner's Ready!" in the Seattle area, they prep meals so that all that is left to be done is baking or sauteeing the ingredients.

Their online gift card option is down, but I called the local store and was told that if I set up an account others can give towards the meals! So, if you have the desire to help us out with food here's what you can do:

1. Call Dream Dinners in Colorado Springs at 719-282-3140. I spoke to Jackie.
2. Tell them you'd like to give towards an account - under "Lisa Morrell"
3. Use your credit card or arrange to send a check. From what I understand there is no minimum amount, so if you would have spent $5 on ingredients to cook us a meal you can give that amount :)

Oh, and please understand that we're not begging for money... we're doing okay financially. I'm just responding to all the "How can we help?" requests we've been getting lately - easy-to-cook meals would certainly help!

Thank you for your support and prayers!


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  1. Another thought I've had is that people might like to contribute to OCI. They are being SO wonderful to you guys as you go through this. I won't write details--you can share that if you want to--but it sure would be great to help them support you.


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