Tuesday, October 6

My dislike of flying

Continues! I really don't like being up in the air and honestly if I have to go to Houston again, I might just take the train. That said it was a pretty decent flight, I was just very tired and on edge the WHOLE time. (I'll be sore in the morning)

Thanks for the continued prayers and support. We are back home in Colorado Springs and in our own bed! I have an oncologist appoint Friday in the morning to get this thing kicked off!

We're just starting here! I appreciate the continued support. This is just a "we made it in one piece" entry. More as I get it.


1 comment:

  1. I vote for the train! You probably already know Ian and I are biased, but the train really is an excellent way to travel. At least try it out one time for a multi-day trip and you'll see why it's so awesome.


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