Saturday, October 3

A long weekend

In an attempt to not just sit around and worry about my situation we've decided to keep our weekend (which is 4 days long) pretty busy.

Yesterday we spent the day with some friends we met in COS but they moved down here 2 months ago and we didn't think we'd see them anytime soon. And then we ended up in Houston. We went to some kind of nature preserve, and the weather was perfect. It was probably mid-70's slight breeze. The place was mainly a swamp and I guess the main attraction is typically the alligators and HUGELY diverse number of birds. Our friends were telling us that we'd see lots of alligators. We saw 3... and we had to really look for those. But the weather was excellent for a walk and we saw lots of different birds... and the biggest spider I have seen to date. (I got pictures, I'll have to keep facebook updated with pictures, I'll post a link when I have them up)

Then we had dinner at a little local tex-mex place that was really good. Of course we had fun chatting with our friends and everything as well.

Today (Saturday) we got to sleep in and then had lunch with a friend who was down from Seattle for a wedding this afternoon. A great time was had by all. We went to a restaurant and just hung out. Catching up on his family and friends we have in common. I am pretty sure God has been watching out for us here on this trip. Bringing people into our lives sometimes months before we knew we were going to be here in order to keep us busy. It's been a great trip so far all things considered.

I'll get those pictures posted and share the link down here.



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