Friday, October 16

Early on a Friday

I came home early from work today and spent most of the day on the couch attempting to continue to recover from my surgery on Tuesday. Now it's not even 9pm yet and I am really tired. Maybe I can get to bed early tonight and not be so tired tomorrow.

I do need to save up my strength for Monday. I'll have more details when I'm not so tired.

I did get a letter today telling me that my insurance company won't cover my child's chemo drugs unless they get ordered from a different place. Which makes me wonder who these insurance people are, I mean I could maybe see something going on if I HAD a kid and them getting confused, but there is no child on my insurance plan at all. Of course they are only open Monday through Friday during work hours. The outcome of this will hav to wait.

I could use prayer for continued strength. I just feel completely worn out by trying to recover from this surgery. Hoping that chemo won't take even more out of me.



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