Friday, September 11

Not just for you

"Ben, the truth is that God's shines in adversity. I have seen over and over again how God used John's illness to encourage others - not just because he survived, but because he truly lived for God and was willing to die, if that was God's will. There was great peace in that. He had his struggles. He had to decide to fight for his life. He fought the best and most he could, and the rest was up to God. The struggle to obey God, was God good or not, was gone. We could trust God. Don't take your eyes off Jesus. The moment you do, you will sink in despair like Peter. Remain steadfast dear brother." -Naomi Musgrave

The other reason, other than being real with you all, that I keep this blog is so I can, if I want to, look back over things I learned, said, thought, etc, as the time goes by. Kind of like my journal that you all get to read. This morning Naomi Musgrave posted the above quote on my "wall" in Facebook. Naomi's husband John is a great inspiration to me. He survived leukemia something like 10 years ago and is a missionary in Russia now. (Actually what he does in Russia is very much like what OC does in other countries)

I felt I needed to post this so I would remember it, as well as share it with you all.

Also this morning John Acuff (@prodigaljohn), from Stuff Christians Like twittered this morning: "Though I sometimes ask God for a trouble free life, absence of trouble is not the promise, rescue is. PR11:8"

So, here I am, in trouble. Will you pray that God would rescue me?



  1. ABSOLUTELY! Naomi is such a love, and has a very sweet way with words. We're praying for you, man.

  2. Aubrey7:16 PM

    Every day. So many prayers are flying straight to you. I really hope your heart has peace about whatever step is next. And that you have Lisa when you don't have peace. :o)


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