Friday, September 25

Little UPdate

Lisa and I have been keeping ourselves busy the past few days as we try to finish up the week and not think too much about the issue that has been plaguing our lives as of late.

Lisa went to a girls night last night and sounds like she had a good time and worked on making some new friends. I went up to Denver to meet a friend I haven't seen in 5 years since I worked at Barnes and Noble with him. We had a fantastic evening talking about where we are at in our lives, God, church, worship, etc. It was a very uplifting evening, and it wouldn't have happened had there not been Facebook in the world.

So, this weekend I think we are aiming to keep it all semi low key. We're heading out for Houston around 3:30pm on Monday, and then spending the week down there. I'm really not sure what to expect at all. They could fill the time with tests, or they could do almost nothing.

Today was one of the days of board meetings at OC and they called me in this afternoon and got some details about what is going on, and then they all gathered around and prayed for me. It's amazing to work at a place where the board members, and their wives, will all gather around and pray for me and Lisa.

I'm not really all that sure what to think about this upcoming stuff. I'm not sure if I will have the same treatment as before. I'm not sure if MD Anderson is going to try and get me to do a medical trial of some sort, I'm not sure if there is another treatment plan they will try, I just don't know.

If you could pray for this upcoming trip several things: 1. That Lisa and I will have a good time together. 2. That the doctor will be kind, not just view me as another number and throw all sorts of hugely scary facts, numbers, or just be pessimistic. 3. That they not run all sorts of tests that they don't need to run, but only the ones that will tell them something they don't already know.

Thanks everyone. Bringing the laptop to Houston, so we'll keep you all updated from the south!



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