Saturday, September 19

Awaiting, again.

Here we are waiting yet again for another call from some medical doctor or other. Didn't get the call about MD Anderson on Friday, so we're waiting until the end of the day Monday to hear when our scheduled appointment with the "Specialist" is going to be.

THEN we will be able to start planning where we are staying, who we will hang with, etc. My apologies if you have written to me about friends and or family in Houston and I haven't said anything back. We're still waiting.

I was thinking the other day about the number of things I DO have despite everything seeming so bleak. Lisa and I have both been blessed with jobs who are very supportive of us, and thus as we head into these next months we will have enough financial provision to cover us without me working.

God has also blessed me with a wonderful wife who I couldn't get through any of this without. He has blessed me with lots of family who are praying and supporting me, and He has blessed me with friends. Both those I have met in person, only online, or never before, who pray for me constantly.

I have a lot. I have a roof over my head, and food in the house. I think the only thing I really don't "have" right now is solid, dependable health that won't kill me if left untreated. (And will feel like it IS killing me if treated)

So, despite my "one thing" I'm pretty blessed. Why don't you take a moment today and think about in the grand scheme how you're really doing?

Thanks for the wonderful support!


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  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    I have spent a good part of today being frustrated over some business dealings. I have totally forgotten just how blessed I am. Business frustrations is sooo petty compared to going through cancer treatments.

    Thanks Ben.


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