Thursday, August 13

There they go...

Here I was thinking that the clouds I took a picture of on Monday were rolling out. Little did I know they were rolling in.

This week has been crazy.

Monday started off pretty normally. Chapel and then hitting the ground and getting started for the week. Larry and I encountered a problem with a server we were trying to get working and we could not come up with a solution for it. We hit our head against the wall on that all evening. (We stayed late)

Tuesday morning I set to working extremely hard on solving the problem OC has been having about not being able to send prayer letters out by email. We have been looking at the past 6 months of one problem after the next when it comes to the prayer letters. I decided to switch hosting servers on Tuesday morning because I was fairly upset with the old hosting company. (We were looking at 35 to 60 seconds to load a page!) So I set the wheels in motion for the transition. Then my sys-admin's great Dane died on the operating table so he went home early, I was filling in some roles and got a migraine so I went home early.

Wednesday while I was in my uber-long every-other week meeting my software vendor was migrating the data from the old hosting service to the new one. I poked around on the new one when I got out of my meeting but headed home early as Wednesday is typically my "short day".

Thursday: The most of this morning was spent getting the final touches wrapped up on the prayer letter system (which, I must say, despite this week, has been a success, and I shouldn't toss that out because everything else this week might have been lame.) when I was bombarded by some staffing issues. All sorts of accusations were hurled at me and I was pretty upset. My hope in all this is that the person tossing the accusations my way will 1. some day cool down enough to talk about them and address them logically, and 2. realize that many (if not all of them) are baseless.
And my Sys-admin went home with a migraine.

Friday: Is starting to look like I am going to work from home so I don't have to see people. (Those prayer letters need to go out!) My sys-admin is taking the day off too. I think perhaps we'll call this a week and start over next week.

Friends and family: I really could use some prayer right now. 1/3rd of my work situation is rough, the rest of it is GREAT! Thanks.



  1. Ohhh...I'm so sorry for Larry and his wife. Please send my condolences. Us Dane folks grieve together.

  2. I'm sorry it's been such a rough week. You are right, though, it is character building. I will be praying for you and your co-worker. Just remember that the enemy's greatest desire is to bring disunity to the body of Christ. I'm hoping, too, that you have a supervisor over you who can help you work through the problem.



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