Sunday, August 16

Sunday Dinner with Friends

We invited 2 other couples over for dinner tonight. They were from different groups in our lives right now but we thought that they would be fun together. It didn't get started like we were hoping but it was fun non-the-less.

We made burgers on our BBQ with the mesquite flavoring. They didn't turn out as good as I would have liked, but this is the first time I have tried hamburger so I learned some lessons.

We also had fries (bakes actually, no frying involved), and a salad. I also grilled up corn while the burgers were going. Someone made some garlic butter that we spread on them and THOSE were amazing.

Then we played some Frisby golf at the park across the street.

THEN we had dessert. Yesterday I put together a vanilla ice cream (twice as much vanilla as the recipe called for) and it came out perfectly. When it was done yesterday Lisa and I wanted to eat it all right then. My goodness it was so good. Perfect texture everything. We tossed it in the freezer and then about an hour and half before we had dessert I put it in the fridge and then when we went to eat it it was the same consistency as when it was fresh out of the ice cream machine. It seriously looked like white cake frosting.

I sliced up half a peach on the bottom of everyone's bowl, and then put a scoop of ice cream on top of that, added a spring of mint, and then poured a couple spoonfuls of peach syrup I made this afternoon with our fresh peaches on top of it all. It was pretty amazing stuff.

My stomach is hurting now from the pure milk/ cream that was in the vanilla ice cream but I have to say it was TOTALLY worth it. (And I'd do it again...)



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