Tuesday, August 4

Sometimes I blog...

And sometimes I only THINK I blog. Like the last few days for instance, I thought I had blogged about things but that wasn't the case.

So this entry is going to be a little technical, so if that kind of thing offends you then you had best turn away now... ready? Ok, lets do this.

Last week Larry and I spent a good couple of days trying to figure out an issue with our RAID controller and why it wasn't seeing our new hard drives. (173gb 15k SAS drives, 4 of them in RAID 5, these suckers are fast!) We probably spent a good 6 to 8 hours on it between the two of us. We took a break for the weekend and came back on Monday when Larry called the people we bought it from on eBay, and, lo and behold the server we bought from eBay, for 50% off the retail price has a 1 year warranty on it! They are going to replace the RAID card (which is a Perc 5/i) an replace it with a Perc 6, which honestly with the 8 controller Perc 6 card is like an 800 dollar replacement. And they over-nighted the new controller to us. Amazing service for an eBay company.

As some of you are aware I have been working (some might say casually working, or attempting to squeeze it in between communications stuff) on getting the mail transport to work between Lotus Domino and Exchange. Well, this afternoon I had a couple seconds between other things so I sat down and worked on it and actually made a good 50% of it work. I didn't have time to tackle the other 50% but I am confident now that I can get the system working! (Unlike before where I was a little dubious as to the helpfulness of the transport.)

I've also been looking into a side project today that became a bit of a reality. I don't want to spoil the secret until I can post video.



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