Tuesday, August 25

6 months again [Update]

Yesterday I went to the doctor. They really didn't do anything other than look at me and draw blood. Then they ordered a CT scan. One amazing thing that came from this is that I was asking the doctor is there were any cheaper scans being as I ended up paying about 2k out of pocket, and around 5k total for the last scan and he was surprised by how much it cost. He then asked me if I had gotten the scan done at the hospital or somewhere else. I had gotten the scan at the hospital because that is who had called me to setup the appointment. He suggested I look into an independent radiology lab.

The idea had never even crossed my mind because in Seattle, from my experience, the price was different, but not different enough to bother shopping around for it. I had CT scans in 4 different places and they all came out to around the same cost. So I was skeptical that this would be worth my time.

I called a local radiologist (Penrad) and climbed my way up their phone tree until I found a real person, who then transferred me to another person, at which point I asked what the cost of the scan would be and she told me, before insurance, it would be 1.6k.

Woah, ok. I'll take that one. When I explained why I was so surprised she said that the hospital tends to charge a LOT more than they do. (Obviously) I'll take the cheaper one thanks!

I don't have a date yet for the scan but I'll let you all know when I do.

I also spent about 40 minutes last night talking to my friend Aubrey on the phone last night who has been going through a lot of the same stuff I did when it comes to cancer. When I was sick I don't think I really wanted to hear people's stories at all... mainly because I didn't really want to hear how they ended. (Most with my type of cancer ended, as what you might refer to as "early") However now that I am on this side of it (as the Lord sees fit to continue) talking with people about it has become easier. And Aubrey and I spent a while last night comparing stories, laughing at how crazy doctors can be, and praising the true angels of mercy in the hospitals, the nurses. (As well as being amazed that our spouses stick around through all this!) If you would remember to pray for Aubrey that would be great.

Now I need to go get ready for work.



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