Monday, July 27

#SDCC (San Diego Comic Con in Twitter)

As you will have noticed I didn't really blog this weekend. It was a long weekend and very tiring. It was something like me and 160,000 other people all trying to get into panels on movies, comics, TV shows, or other misc goings on in the geek world.

I'll take a cue from Sean (who I sat next to during the Ray Bradbury "talk") and keep it simple.

Best moment of the weekend: Meeting Stan Freberg. If you don't know who Stan Freberg is then you are missing out. Find a copy of "Stan Freberg Presents: The United States of America. Volume 1 and 2." Your local library system probably has a copy. (Or buy a copy on iTunes or something)

Most interesting moment was seeing Ray Bradbury. (See Sean's notes)

Thing said that seemed to strike me the most, "The thing that separates those who do from those who don't is that the doers do and the others, well, don't." I'm pretty sure I've heard that before but it just kind of struck me this weekend. If I want to tell stories in some medium I really have no excuse not to. I just need to do it.

I had one claustrophobic moment when I was at the intersection between two large movie company booths and people were pressing in to get closer and no one was moving but more people were pressing in. Just a wee bit close thank you.

Best "swag" was handing a blank shirt and some large sharpies to Dave Kellett and having him hand draw me a shirt. (I had asked for the shirt design several times, but he said only 2 people had requested it so it probably wouldn't make any money. So I had him draw me one. I offered to pay him but he did it for free.) That said, go read Sheldon and buy his books. I owe him one.

Motel 6 experience: We were right by the airport and the flight path for planes. We were a good 100 feet below them as they came jetting in. Very loud. Slept on the floor a few nights because they didn't have any extra roll-away beds, but that went better than I thought.

Got to hang out with Dan and some of his work friends over the weekend. Dan and I can almost always have a good time (even if it's something as serious as me getting a biopsy.("The old College Try!")) this weekend was no exception.

Had some GREAT Italian food at this place we waited at for an hour to get into. When we got in the line was halfway down the block, when we left it was the same length.

A lot I didn't get to get into because of the crowds and the wait times, but that's ok because I had a good time. Maybe next year.



  1. I am so jealous that you got to meet Stan Freberg.

    Of course, it's probably a good thing that I didn't meet him. I probably would have snuck up behind him, scared him, and then said (in a breath-ey voice) "Gave you a little start there did I Stanley? Heh heh heh."

  2. Love Ian's comment! I'm still smiling. Heard Dan may have a career ahead in doing voices. Go for it, Dan!!

    So...when do we get to see a picture of the shirt????


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