Saturday, July 4

History Nerd time

I am reading a book entitled "Civilization Before Greece and Rome" and the author references some books written in the early-mid 1800s. I just found both of them on Google!

"Voyage Dans la Basse et la Haute Egypte" (text | Pictures) (Google actually "suggested" this title after the 3rd word) is a collection of drawings from some very early Egyptian archeology trips. (I think it was on the trip that this author was on that the Rosetta stone was found.)

Then there was the "Nineveh and Its Remains" (Text) Google Books had that one ready to go.

Can you imagine how hard finding those books, even 15-20 years ago could have been? If the library didn't have it you'd have to go searching university libraries, etc. Which would have been WAY more work than I would have wanted to go through to hunt those down. Now all I do is punch in the title and Google hands me the text. Pretty cool.



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