Sunday, June 21

My Last Amen

Lisa and I have recently discovered the group Downhere. It seems they have been around for a while, but we didn't know about them. They have a pretty fun sound. The song we like most sounds a lot like PFR and Queen got together and wrote a song.

The song we like a lot is called, "My Last Amen" if you hit up their website up there you can listen to the full song (track 2 on their new CD, Ending is Beginning) via a little widget on the right hand side of the webpage.

Here are the lyrics: (via

From the corner of my eye
There's a tear I'm trying to cry
But the feeling can't be found

Like a note thrills in a song
When I play it again, it's gone
Cuz it was never in the sound

And it keeps me wanting
That mysterious thing
Like a night is waiting for a dawn

Every prayer I say (a little closer)
To my resting place (a little closer)
Where my final breath is the beginning
To never needing
And I will find my last Amen

I could swear I have two hearts
One to stay, one to depart
This sad, tragic kingdom

And it burns me down to the core
Because I know there's so much more
It's just a pale reflection

And it keeps me wanting
That mysterious thing
Like an outcast waiting to belong

And while the thrills are fading
The joy is in the waiting
Somewhere in the grand design
It's good be unsatisfied
It keeps the faith and hope a little more alive


I think the thing that I like so much about this song (aside from the very polished sound) is that it talks about the fleeting pleasures of life and real joy is in heaven. (after our last amen) Enough vagueness that you can listen to it a couple of times and still get stuff from it.



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