Saturday, June 20

Grilled Cheese

This "morning" I took Lisa to the airport and she (I assume) got herself safely to Seattle. By "morning" I mean 4:30am... I am somehow wired for "morning" so if I am up after 4am my body engages and I'm awake. My guess is that there is a nap in my future.

Spurred on by an idea from last night (and this probably ISN'T original at all) I decided to make myself a real "grilled cheese" sandwich for lunch. (With a huge and healthy side salad from our CSA veggies) I decided that I wasn't really a fan of the traditional "grilled cheese" (bread, cheese, bread and heat) because the bread can get kind of iffy and the cheese can be like napalm. And honestly it's grilled bread with melted cheese in the middle, not really "grilled" cheese. I pulled out our stove top griddle and let it heat up. I then tossed a handful of shredded cheese on it and covered it up with a pot lid. (I've seen them do that on the food network... I think it helps trap in heat (and in this case also made cleanup easier as the cheese was "spitting" all over the place)) Once the cheese looked good and cooked on one side I folded it in half and slid it onto a plate. I then grilled the bread in the cheese remains until it was toast and then slid the cheese between the bits of bread.

Bread was toasty, cheese was crunchy, and I was satisfied with my "real" grilled cheese sandwich. (Off-set with the salad of course)


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  1. No pics?! For shame.

    My eyes want to see this delicious sounding creation.


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