Wednesday, May 13

Prayer Request, under attack

Hey Everyone,
Bit of a request before I go on with my day: We send out probably 20,000 emails a month with our prayer letters for missionaries. In the last couple of months we have been hitting problem after problem when it comes to trying to send these letters out. First the software we were using failed, then when we got new software the mail server we were using was corrupt and the company wouldn't admit it, and now we are running into problems where they are blocking us at the server level as spam and no one is getting these prayer letters. We tried switching to our mail servers and our system doesn't work with the software for some reason.

All that and I am going to try a rather complicated solution to get it working, but it seems to me that we are under attack and that Satan doesn't want these prayer letters getting out. (Case in point: the email address that all our missionaries send their prayer letters to, simply disappeared. It was no longer on the server and the really strange/ scary part it wasn't even in the backups. Any of them. Though the address had been working just fine a little bit ago.)

I need the time and the prayers to be able to pull this off successfully so those messages can get out! Please join me in praying as we try to get word spread about what God is doing around the world!



  1. Have you heard of Constant Contact? Don't know anything about it, but it's what CBC is using now to send out all-church email. Might see what it is all about.

  2. Does your server do retries? I know that is in the first layer of spam checking. Depending on your server type you can also turn on more logging so you can see what is happening. =)

    You know more about it than I do though.

    I will be praying.


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