Tuesday, February 5

Fall Silent

I've had an idea for a post since Thursday when my grandfather died, but haven't gotten around to writing it up yet, and thus I have kept myself from writing anything.

I spent the weekend hanging out with the family and generally trying to be supportive of my Grandmother.

Yesterday and Today have found both Lisa and I feeling kind of ill. I got sick while driving her to work the other morning, but bounced back fairly quickly after that and was able to work a full day without any issues. (Bug or radiation follow up?) This morning both Lisa and I woke up feeling pretty nauseous. I think she is still battling it while I was able to get some drugs down.

We started talking a bit about our trip in March. Heading south down the coast to hang out with you Californian types. We'll be heading that way the last two weeks of March and we'll hope to see as many of you (in Cali) as possible. I'm sure we'll be contacting you soon about details.

I am going to go finish breakfast now, you can thank Gruia for this post.

We'd appreciate prayers for my continued healing from radiation and more long-term, this cancer. Thanks for all the support!



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