Sunday, January 27

Sometimes I think of heaven

During chemo and recovery from surgery I didn't much think about "my end destination" as it were. I spent a lot of time focusing on doing what I needed to do to get better and heal up.

More recently I have been thinking about the world after this world. Thinking a bit about what God has promised: no more tears, or pain. I don't know that that had much appeal to me before this last year. Knowing there would be no more pain is one thing when you haven't had a lot of pain in your life, but after going through such intense chemo and then such a serious surgery, it got me to thinking more about what I am going through here on earth.

Which leads me to think a bit about this Guatemala trip that I might be going on here in a week or so. If we are working towards Heaven while we are here on earth (What on Earth on you living for Heaven's sake?) it seems to me that no matter what my physical condition if God calls me to do something that I must do it. He's given me the health I have right now so there we go. In fact He gave me my health for the first 24 years of my life so I trust He knows what He is doing.

Not really sure if I am going to Guatemala yet or not, I'm planning on it, but if my health prohibits it I won't go.



  1. Your head is in a good place--that of submission. That is so honoring to God.

    Maybe you've been doing it all along, but lately I've been thinking that you should write down all the good that has come out of the last 8 months. I truly believe there has been good.


  2. Anonymous5:58 PM

    hi ben,

    this is the lady that has given you some blood draw/iv tips. i too have often thought of what heaven would be like and i see it as getting a new body that can do so amazing things, also i would see all my loved ones that have passed away.

    i also agree with jen, write down your journey (you have) of the good things that have come your way & what you have been blessed with also.

    oh, if you and the doctors think you stable enough (health wise) to go out of the country then do it, if not then stay on this side of the border.

    i have never had to have a groshong or a pic-line but sounds painful, thanks for getting me prepared, lol


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