Saturday, January 19

A simple day

Yesterday, for the lack of a migraine I was able to have some guys over for some gaming. Unfortunately some things didn't work so we didn't end up doing so much what I had planned on doing. (Oh well) I think maybe next time I talk about having a "gaming night" it will probably be "board game" related. Digital breaks down too easy I think. Anyway, it was good to have some guys around. I don't think I've seen some of them since last year.

This weekend hasn't been going as smoothly as I would like it to have gone health wise though. My insides hurt and I think that I'm probably not getting enough liquids down. (More because I feel like I am drowning myself when I drink as much as they suggest) I'll need to work on that.

I'd appreciate your prayers for my health that I will continue to heal up as radiation wraps up. Thanks!



  1. Yup, liquids help detoxify and you probably need plenty of that right now. I fill up a large drinking bottle and keep it where I see it off and on all day and take a swig whenever I pass by.

  2. 64 oz (a half gallon) a day would be ideal. It's important. You won't drown!


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