Thursday, January 31

Not to be

After all the excitement and buildup of planning to go to Guatemala it looks like it's not to be. Several things happened all at once: 1st: My grandfather passed away, and then 2nd: The doctor's looked at my blood and told me that going to Guatemala would be far too dangerous. So we're not going.

We can use the support we've raised to go on another trip sometime this year, but it looks like we're not supposed to go right now.

Thanks for all the support. More on some of this later.



  1. Hey ben,

    I am sorry to hear about that. I still am marveling at how both you and lisas skill sets fit perfectly with this mission field. But these things happen for a reason and I am glad that you are able to get clear direction as to if it is wise for you to go.

    I am sorry to hear about a death in the family. I assume the service will be up in washington? How can Jane and I pray for the family? For you?


  2. Becca Gillespy12:21 PM

    I am sorry to hear all that! I hope you guys are able to make it in the relatively near future.


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