Saturday, January 5

Niko come home

While it's not an evening ABC Family special yet or anything I am pleased to announce that the cute little green guy who lived with us for a bit (The bird... not the alien) is going to be returning to our little condo. His many travels will soon be over as we seek to setup a solid home for him. I'm sure you are bound to see pictures of him here before too long. Hopefully all his traveling won't have damaged him too much and we can work to make him feel like he is home again.

Yesterday I put in half a day at work and then came home and tried to shake the pain in my face. The rest dulled it down a bit, but when I went to pickup Lisa from work it was still feeling pretty bad. Tylenol doesn't seem to do a whole lot to it unless I can get it down pretty far on the pain scale. Last night wasn't too bad before bed so I took some meds and fell asleep. (I only woke up once last night when Lisa turned on her light in the middle of the night and wanted to count all the chocolate on the floor. I woke her up and she turned off her light and went back to bed. (And all my chocolate that I had left on the floor was safe... ok I kid. I keep my chocolate in the kitchen, but she didn't want to count that.))

Last night we went out to dinner with Lisa's family and her uncle Dannie. (Niko's original father) It seems he has decided to move to California and enjoy the "reverse commute" that comes with driving north to WA and OR instead of driving south to CA and OR for business. Sounds like he's got a pretty nice place down there that will hopefully close in about a month or so. Maybe Lisa and I can swing by on our road-trip in March.

This morning my face still hurts a bit, it's narrowed down to a much smaller area and I don't hurt as much. Hopefully a day of activity will cure my head.

Radiation still scheduled for 9am on Tuesday. I imagine I'll have a much better idea of how my life will be these next two weeks following that one. Thanks for all the support!


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