Thursday, January 10

Never would have guessed that...

Here I am at the age of 26. It arrived unannounced this morning at 1:19am and didn't bother to make any noise. Perhaps I might have rolled over. This morning however was a separate matter. Radiation at 7:50am and then a CT Scan promptly after that. The GOOD news in all of this is that while I was feeling sick this morning I no longer am, AND (yes there is an AND) they were able to use my Groshong to deliver the radioactive stuff they use for the CT scan. (The Eastside Hospital told me that they would blow out my groshong if they did that. Central seems to have a much better idea of what is going on (as they installed the line) and didn't make me do anything crazy for the test. In the future, despite the drive-times, I will be making the trek to central for my CT scans. It's not so "antiquated" as the Eastside seems to be.)

Anyway, not a lot going on today. This weekend I'll be having some fun with friends and family, but nothing much today. I'm pretty happy to be seeing 26, and I look forward to, Lord willing, many many more years and birthdays. Thank you all for your wonderful support this past year.



  1. Anonymous3:00 PM


    So happy to see 26 years so far. Mom and I were talking about the last 26 years just last night.
    A lot has changed in that time.

    We love you, and hope for many, many more years to come.


  2. As Eeyore would have said, "Many returns of the day!" (Many, many, Lord willing!)

    When do you get the results of the CT scan?

  3. Yay! Using the groshong meant that Ben didn't have to get an IV today, which usually ends up being a long and painful process. Praise God!

    I won a free massage at a chiropractic clinic today :)


  4. Margaret10:28 PM

    Happy Birthday, Ben! I've been thinking about you all day. Where have the years gone? I think it was yesterday you were pulling Jon's pacifier out because you thought it was yours. Have a great celebration this weekend.


  5. Happy Birthday Ben!

    I've been trying to think of something witty but I guess a steady look and a serious tone convey how glad I am that you are seeing 26. A definite praise to the Lord.


    P.S. Strange note...Jane is in Singapore today...


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