Friday, January 25

like pulling...

Teeth have got NOTHING on a well put in groshong. (Note I have had BOTH pulled in my life, so I speak from experience.) It would be a toss up as to weather I wanted teeth pulled or a groshong pulled out again. I guess the groshong DID go faster, but it feels like someone is sticking their finger through my chest right now.

A long week is over. Three hospital visits at the top of the week, and then a LONG day at the hospital today as well. My day looked something like this: (and would have been pretty tough if God hadn't given me the strength to get through it)
I drove Lisa to work at 6:45am, then myself to the hospital where they put an IV in my and drew out blood. Due to the low nature of my blood platelets they decided to leave the IV in me in case I needed platelets later on in the day.
Then Radiation where they drew on me and did all sorts of extra xrays and called the doctor to look at them.
Then they said they didn't really need me until 12:30 and I was free to go. So I spent some time at work fixing some issues, and then it was back to the hospital. I went upstairs and they gave me platelets and some fluids. Then they rolled me down stairs to the surgery area where I met a wonderful surgeon who numbed me up and tore the groshong from my chest. (ouch) Then It was quickly downstairs to radiation again where they beamed and xrayed me again, because the ones from the morning didn't look so good.

But, by the grace of God in a few days I will be able to take a complete shower again! No more having to worry about getting the little lines wet, and God graced me with the strength to make it through the day. It's been a long week, but it is over and Lord willing we can get back to the healing process.

Thanks for all the support! It's carried me through another week.



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