Saturday, January 12

Lightening strikes

Ben was struck with a migraine last night and as a result had to postpone his birthday LAN party. We think it may have been caused by all of the anti-nausea drugs he took this week to prevent radiation-induced nausea. He's still in bed with the headache, sadly. Please pray for our altering the nausea prevention plan next week.

In my quiet time this morning, I read a wonderful passage by Amy Carmichel, talking about trials that suddenly come:

...You shut your eyes instinctively; when you opened them the road looked different. And it was different. Nothing will ever be again as it was before that lighting flash. This, and this, and this you will never do again. And the road will grow duller and darker with every mile you go- is that your thought?

A Voice speaks within you; "Things will never be as they were before? That is true; for they will be better. You will never do this and this again? That is also true; for I have other things for you to do. They are not what you would choose? But they are indeed the best that Love can choose for you. The road will grow duller and darker with every mile you go? That path is like a shining light; like the sun that you have watched on many a lovely morning coming out of his chambers and rejoicing as a stron man to run a race. Does the light on that shining race-course of the sky grow less and less? No, it shineth more and more. So shall the path of My Beloved be, not darker, but brighter as it nears the perfect day. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord. This, not that."


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