Wednesday, January 30

A labor of love

Almost a year ago we started to work on plans to launch a new website for Taproot. We planned, we coded, we graphic-ed, we edited and we planned some more. Of course my getting sick put a damper on some of the plans on when to release it, and then other things came up as well.

However, this very afternoon, the new website has gone live! (It's still a work in progress mind you) But gone are the white and teal of the old days. Please have a look at the new site. We'll continue to add features and make changes to it as the weeks go on, but this is where we are getting started. A big thanks to Melissa for her help in the graphics department and to Daytona for editing the content.

I guess radiation isn't the only thing that is wrapping up today!



  1. Yay!! It looks beautiful!

    Congratulations on your day of launching the site, as well as launching onto the next phase of your life!


  2. Looks great! (Hey, don't I get any thanks? :-P)

  3. A huge improvement. Congrats! And Thank You.
    Praying for your trip and your healing.

  4. Hey Adam,
    You got thanks IN -CODE, no one else did.


  5. If you want to see your site in different browsers on different platforms, check this out:


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