Thursday, January 24

Here... let me take that

Imagine if you will a Ben who is just finished with his radiation for the day and is heading out the door when the nurse calls him back. "What's up?" The inquisitive Ben inquires.
"Well, it seems that your second round of blood cultures came back positive as well as the first ones." (See last night's entry) "We have two options, we can pull the groshong or we can put you on some pretty strong antibiotics."
"When would you pull it?"
"Hopefully tomorrow."

So, that dramatic way of telling you all, I am going to have my groshong removed tomorrow. (All in the midst of all this excitement...) It's a stat surgery and I don't know what time it'll be. I would appreciate the prayers as I go under the knife again, this time to remove my helpful friend who has turned on me.

Thanks for the support, I have a long day tomorrow. (Thankfully it's Friday) I haven't been so eager for a week to be over since Chemo.



  1. Shari (& Josh)10:06 PM

    Oh guys, I am so sorry. We saw your e-mail and were thrilled for your trip. But now catching up on your blog, ... what an incredibly tough time (tough week). We are all inspired by your courage. Hang in there. We love you; we pray for you continuously.

  2. BoRazz said to me,"Larger portions of the Kingdom are grasped by the risk-takers; its their mothers who worry to death!" I'm trusting God is working through you in your up coming trip. In the last few years, I've been first-hand witness to people who stepped out in obedience to God, although that step made no sense to others around them. I pray that you and Lisa go to Guatemala in the strength of the Lord and accomplish mighty things for Him!

    "I will not die, but live and tell the works of the Lord;
    The Lord has disciplined me severely, but He has not given me over to death."

    Make sure you tell the works of the Lord!


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