Sunday, January 6

Engineering a better world

It would seem that Lisa and I are headed to Guatemala. We booked the plane tickets yesterday and confirmed with the project leader that we would be wanted additions to the trip. (We were)

We'll be working with a group that Lisa interned with a couple of summer's ago called eMi. They are a Christian organization based in Colorado Springs. (with satellite offices all over the world) Lisa knows a lot of the staff members from her summer there and the team leader we'll be working with was the same guy who lead her trip to Honduras. The eMi project information can be found here.

We'll be working with an already established Orphanage group called Casa Bernabe. It will be Lisa's job, as well as the other architect on the team, to design a High School for the orphanage. They already have a grade school and have several options as to where to put the new school. It should be a fairly good challenge for Lisa and the team to figure out the location and then the design for the school. I meanwhile will be sitting back and sipping some form of tropical drink. Ok, not really. I will be working with the electrical engineer to work over some of the wiring (including network cables) that will be in the high school. (As well as the phone system that will be in place) It stands to reason that I will be learning a thing or two on this trip and it is always nice to be able to lend what I DO know about a thing to helping those that need that information.

Lisa and I depart the Seattle area on February 1st and the "missions" part of the trip will last until the 9th. We will be sticking around Guatemala for a few extra days to see some extra things while we are down there.

We would LOVE to have your support as we embark on this adventure. It's less than a month away AND it'll be not too long after my radiation. We would appreciate your prayers before we go and while we are on the trip.

The trip isn't too costly (around 2,000 dollars for the two of us) but if you would like to help us out, other than praying, you can log onto eMi's website and hit the "Donate" tab. Funds should be designated: "Ben and Lisa Morrell, Guatemala trip".

Lisa and I both thank you for your support as we head out to try something we haven't done together before. God's provided us with an adventure that we feel He is calling us to go on and we are going to answer that call. I will endeavor to update the blog while we are away, but I don't know if that will be possible. You will be able to get a full run-down when we get back though, complete with pictures.

Until then however I have to get through radiation and a birthday! We just wanted to share with you all what we were up to!


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  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate life . . by giving back. You are bound to make a difference in these lives.

    My best wishes to you for continued good health.

    Patty R


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