Wednesday, January 23

drafting on the silence

Three trips to the ER in three days. That might just be a new record for me. Not that I am looking for records or anything.

I know Lisa wrote a little something at the top of the week but I thought I would detail what has happened since then.

Monday Lisa and I wrote up all cherry and fine. I noticed some blood in my groshong and as per typical would have Lisa flush it out. Well Lisa tested one of the syringes and then cleared the line. Less than a minute passed and I started to throw up and my vision went out on me. My chest started to hurt as well and I realized this wasn't probably a normal migraine. So Lisa and I spent the day at the ER on the Eastside. We went home about 9pm that night.

The next day we got up and went to the radiation appointment I had and when we got there I was feeling so horrible that they canceled the radiation appointments and emitted me to the ER. I spent a few hours there and went home and slept pretty much the rest of the day.

Today I went to the radiologist and spent an hour and fifteen minutes on the table while they measured and zoomed and x-rayed. My arms hurt a lot by the end of it. After that I drove home and realized driving home that I probably shouldn't be driving. (My brain was still foggy from the migraine) Then around 1:30 this afternoon I get a phone call from one the the ER doctor's assistants and she says, "You need to go to the ER immediately. Some of your blood cultures came back positive and you need to get to the ER now." Not knowing what exactly that meant I called in a ride from my wonderful in-laws and Nancy drove me to the ER. After getting there we pretty much sat there for two hours and they drew my blood at the end of it. Then we rushed off to radiation (it seems they wanted to test my blood again before they proclaimed me a walked virus or something.) where we made it there in time for me to lay on the table for another 45 minutes while they zoomed, x-rayed, and drew all over me.

I've had quite enough time at the doctor's these past few days thank you very much. I am quite eager to radiation being done and getting (some?) time where I feel normal.

Please continue to pray for me as as the medical mystery that is my body continues.

Thank you all.


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  1. So, I think I missed what became of the emergent visit to the ER. Did they come up w/ anything, or are you waiting for cultures to cook again?

    Hang in there, honey. There is an end to this whole radiation thing in sight. (Although I know the co-pays are piling up...)


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