Monday, January 7


Hey Everyone!
I found out when my radiation appointments are. It seems that I'm the "low man" on the totem pole and got stuck with the appoints at the polar opposite of the day. 8am and 5:10pm. Which is a little disappointing to me. It's going to be tricky if I can't drive... well not as tricky if I can't drive as if I can drive. Dropping off Lisa at work around 7:30am and picking her up after 6 is going to make for some very long days for Lisa if that happens. But lets leave the "worry" about that until some other time.

I'll hopefully be working a fair amount at Taproot these upcoming days, in between appointments with the Industrial Sized Zapper.

Thanks a bunch for your continued support. I would appreciate continued prayer for Radiation and my face pain... which continues. Also please keep our trip in your prayers.


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  1. Anonymous8:35 PM

    I am sure we can get you transportation if need be. If you can't drive after a couple of these 'zappings', I am sure several of us would be happy to pick you up, get you zapped and deliver you back home.

    Dad/Pappa P


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