Monday, January 14

A day without meds

Today, in an effort to stave off migraines, I avoided taking anti-nausea medicine. I however was feeling sick a good part of the day. I planned to talk with the nurse today about other medicines that wouldn't cause the headachy-effects, however, she has Monday off. So I will talk to her tomorrow and see if we can't find something I can take even when I am feeling ill.

Hopefully with the new meds I can pickup tomorrow I can get back to work soon.

Yesterday Lisa headed up a great dinner for family as a birthday dinner for me. A lot of food and a lot of good conversation. I wasn't feeling too great, but I was touched by the amount of time Lisa put into getting the meal together. Now I feel a year older. I don't think you can really "age" a year without a party of some sort.

It's amazing how much the radiation tires me out as well. It's strange how something you can't see and is classified as a "wave" can make you tired. Strange.

Thanks again for all the support. Your prayers help me daily.



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