Monday, January 28

A boy and his bird

And a wife and her camera. I was really tired tonight after radiation and the bird had been following me around the house (after viciously attacking himself in the mirror) so when I dozed off in bed Lisa went to work putting the bird on me and took some pictures. The one on the left is the best of the bunch and one would almost think the bird would cuddle with anyone looking at that picture. Truth be told I'm kind of surprised I got away with this. (But I am well loved around here)

After I had roused myself we took this picture to also show how soft and cuddly the little guy can be. Go ahead, feel how soft!

Following up the radiation news I wrapped up my "big" radiation today. (The general stuff they zapped all over my abdomen.) I only have 14 more "shots" of radiation left to go. (4 in the morning tomorrow, 4 in the afternoon and 6 (3 and 3) the day after that.) The end for all this for a bit is in sight. It'll be exciting to see what the Lord has for me over these next months as I work back up to "normal" strength. (I doubt very much things will be "normal" ever again though.)

Did I mention that Lisa and I are leaving for Guatemala on Friday? (Lord willing) Crazy how quickly it is coming up. Sounds like I'll have a bit of internet access where we are so I can update every so often. (I'd hate to leave the blog "dark" for a week and a half!)

Thanks for your continued support and prayers as I wrap up this radiation and continue with the business of healing.



  1. Maybe Nikko should post while you're out of the country...hmmm...his own website? Cute, Green, and Cuddly?

    Congratulations for the end being in sight!!!! Yeah for no snow for you to have to deal w/ tomorrow a.m.!

    Nikko's Grandma

  2. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Wouldn't Nikko love to go to Guatemala too? :)

  3. Anonymous6:38 AM

    How about paper chains now? (Not so many!) Happy countdown. Normal is overrated...who wants to be THAT anyway.



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