Wednesday, January 9

3 minutes under the gun

Yesterday Lisa and I went into the Oncology Radiologist and when it was my turn they told Lisa, "We'll be back in half an hour." They proceeded to show me some things and then I got dressed for radiation. They said they wanted to take some x-rays before everything started so they laid me down on the table and started. An hour later I was really tired of laying on the table with my arms above my head but at least I was finished.

When it comes to the radiation I am actually only being zapped for about 3 minutes. It's about a minute and a half or so on one side, then they rotate the thing and do it from the other side. In all I am typically there about 15 minutes as I wait for them to call my name, change, climb onto the table, get zapped and then leave.

The radiologist techs that I have met with so far have a very decent sense of humor. I've been impressed by their wittiness a couple of times, and not JUST at the start of the day either, but they were just as funny at the end of the day. It's nice to find a group of people that have a good sense of humor.

Side effects haven't manifested too much thus far. Yesterday after the first round I was semi dizzy for a good part of the day. After a brief nap however that went away and was replaced by my "old standby", the face pain. (BTW: The Doctor said to make an appointment with him about that, so hopefully I can get some closure or something...)


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  1. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Just keeping you and Lisa in prayer as you get your treatments. Also praying that the face pain will soon go away.


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