Tuesday, December 18

Waited an hour...

Lisa and I waited an hour today at the Surgeon's office to hear that everything was looking good and everything went smoothly. Here's how it went: Lisa and I waited around, and then the surgeon's assistant came in and asked questions, poked at me, etc, then the surgeon came in, looking quite happy, and said that everything went swimmingly well. There were handshakes and thanks all around and he left. I got my shirt back on and then went out and paid 6 dollars for parking.

All that to say that I am doing well. =) Thank you for your continued prayers. I am done with surgery for now and I am back in the hands of my Oncologist.

I would have written this all up sooner but I was out all day long. After I dropped Lisa off at work I ran some errands, and then Beth and I went and picked up my Grandmother who came in from California this afternoon. (Aside: Sea-tac International Airport has these REALLY obnoxious spiral driveways to get to the next level of the parking garage and when you come down you have to go down something like 6 of them and at the end I was feeling HORRIBLY queezy. But they always seem to be tearing up the parking around there... maybe they will get rid of those spirals some day... maybe)

Tomorrow is another busy day for me, the Taproot Company party is in the morning, and then I'm having lunch at Google with a couple of friends. (I am being "encouraged" strongly by them to consider applying at Google... not sure how I feel about that honestly.)

Anyway. I've got some more things to do this evening while Lisa is working, so I'm off. Thanks again for all the prayers!



  1. I'm with you on the awful spirals at SeaTac. Surely they could've come up with some less nauseous way of getting cars to the next level!

  2. Anonymous8:26 AM

    There have been several people asking about your surgery. They are all amazed that you are up and about and doing so well just a few weeks after getting sliced opened. It is truly a testiment that God does answer prayer and does care for you (and us).

    Those sprials at the airport are kind of fun if you only have to do a couple. If you have to go to the top... things want to come from the bottom. I think they were designed by U. P. Chuck, architect. Lisa may know of them.

    Dad/Pappa P


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