Sunday, December 2


Big day ahead! The epidural has been turned off and will be removed later, the catheter will come out, the general fluids will be stopped, and Ben will atttempt to swallow a pill! Basically, most of the stuff attached to Ben will be disconnected.

:) We both had a good night. Ben is dozing now, while I cruise the web and get caught up on the Romans Bible study our small group is going through.

Oh-- we've got Christmas chains up! Raeleen brought the stuff, and now we can count down to Christmas just like we used to do in the ninties. When I say "we" I actually mean just myself because I don't think Ben even did the chains growing up, whereas my family usually had three different kinds of advent calendars going on.

Have a wonderful day!
"Those living fear his wonders, when morning dawns and evening fades they call forth songs of joy."



  1. cementbag10:00 PM

    The Chains were my favorite thing! I loved making them and breaking them! Do you know the tradition behind them? I ask because I do not know...

    It's good to see that Ben is going wireless! Praise the Lord!

    Dan McCurley

  2. For those of you checking the blog for updates, I've heard that Ben is being released today! Praise God!! I'm sure he or Lisa will update soon.

    I just wanted to say, too, that I'm constantly amazed and humbled by the sheer volume of people praying for Ben. As I was leaving work last night (church), someone said, "How's Ben?! We've been praying for him!" I didn't even know these people! They are friends of a man Paul works with who also attend CBC. What great encouragement to my heart!

    So, thank you, faithful pray-ers. You are terrific and God is responding in wonderful ways!


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